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This is a truly unique story that shows exactly how social media is changing the way the world interacts! A hashtag being started on twitter turing into an east coast party takeover, kinda inspirational to any one that is looking to get ahead wondering what tools they have at their disposal. 2 yeas ago college party promoter, Kameron McCollough, had recently stop doing college parties to get into his career when he wanted to have a game night at his apt, he asked friends to bring his drink of choice, Hennesy(of course), and a few invitee’s decided to hashtag it #HennyPalooza(because a couple years ago the ‘hashtag everything’ craze kicked in), and ended up having to make game night a 100 person rec room party that got a massive amount of twitter talk the next day. This is when McCollough decided his promoter days were not over and he needed to get some good DJ’s to pop off, and #LitDigitalDJ Austin Millz was one of them!!!

Tat Wza

Starting in NYC, growing steady, now in DC and Toronto as well, and with McCollough talking to sponsorships, and even in talks with Hennessy themselves, #HennyPalooza has the potention to go world wide and/or even turn into a yearly massive 3 day/2 weekend music festival!!


It’s been a truly humbling experience. We’re hoping that it just continues to get better as it gets bigger. I think people enjoy the party because it’s a good time overall. It’s a positive, fun environment that we’ve created, and in times where tensions are high, people need a release. We take the complexity out of partying in NYC. It’s become so difficult to just go out in the city and enjoy yourself that people enjoy coming to HennyPalooza and knowing what they’re getting.

With $40 tickets that sell out fast, and lines that get rather long for people waiting to get all the Henny they can drink for that $40, and plans to take #HennyPalooza to Houston and Bermuda, McCollough, Austin and the team are getting ready to have a great 2015 and beyond(buzz lightyear voice on that last part!).

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