Some people are a little bit loose-lipped when it comes down to others and their children – like the ‘Grammer who called Nelly’s daughter a, “THOT”. It’s no secret, when dealing with rapper, The Game and his precious daughter Cali, that’s a duo you don’t come for. Apparently, one Instagram troll didn’t get the memo.

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JaaiR (JR)
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The Game’s love for his daughter is one of his highest priorities, so when IG handle @Shanice_Romero called Cali “ugly,” he flipped out on her. “The LOVE of my life,” Game posted under one of his many pictures of his princess. “& can’t nobody take her place. @littlemisscali.” But then comes the troll. Boy-oh-Boy did the Year of the Wolf rapper go bananas; even calling the troll’s kid a name or two.

“My baby ugly? Bitch please & I don’t usually do this, but I went on your page and your son is one Twinkie away from Down Syndrome,” the Game clapped back at the troll’s negative comment. “You ain’t the cutest crayon in the bo ya self. happy New Yea Slut… Learn to keep ya mouth & ya legs closed bitch.”

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