(Photos + Video) Mother Who Killed Her Children Made Daughter Put Bodies In A Freezer!

_Mother Who Killed Her Children Made Daughter Put Bodies In A Freezer

Mitchelle Blair, 35, confessed to Detroit police that she killed two of her children and stored their bodies in a home freezer. Blair’s two living children, an 8-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl knew that their siblings had been killed and that the bodies were hidden in the freezer. Her daughter is saying that Blair made her put her dead sister’s body the freezer. Check out the photos and video as well and read more on the horrific story below!

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(Video) SO Cute! Watch Chris Brown’s Daughter As She Sees Her Daddy’s Music Video

Chris Brown's baby

Chris Brown’s daughter may have only just met her daddy, but she’s already in love! A new Instagram clip has gone viral, showing lil’ Royalty watching Breezy’s “New Flame” music video on her grandma’s iPhone, and her reaction is too cute!

Check out the adorable video below.

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(Photos) Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Carter Blasts Young Thug for Carter 6

Reginae Carter Blasts Young Thug for Carter 6

…Welp!!! We knew someway somehow this wouldn’t go unchallenged, and now Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Carter Blasts Young Thug for Carter 6 by going at Thugger with some real words. It’s obviously never too late for #ClapBackSeason (SMH)!

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(Photos) SHEESH! Remember Eminem’s Daughter Hailie? You’ll Never Guess What She Looks Like Now!


Are you guys ready to feel really, really old? Eminem’s adorable LITTLE daughter that we remember as a sweet tiny baby is now all grown up, 19-years-old and a Freshman at Michigan State! Hailie Jade Scott Mathers recently changed her Twitter avi and we just cannot get over how gorgeous she has become over the past few years. From being the little girl who inspired “Hailie’s Song” to being the Homecoming Queen of her high school back in 2013, I’m sure Em is super proud of his little one. Check out the newest picture of Hailie over in the gallery. What an absolute beauty!

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Daddy Chronicles: Chris Brown Wants To Treat Women Better Now That He Has A Daughter!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown just entered fatherhood unwillingly recently and it’s causing him to become a better man. According to sources close to the entertainer, he wants to clean up both his language in his music and in his life. He’s trying to refrain from referring to women as b*tches and h*es because of his new little lady he has to help raise.

“The baby has humbled him in a way and he regrets some of the music he’s made, particularly the words he’s used to describe women. He really doesn’t want to continue making music where he‘s calling women b**ches and hoes and other derogatory words,” a source close to Chris Brown recently revealed. “It’s been getting under his skin when he‘s performed “Loyal” and “Ayo” and other songs on his tour because he‘s straight up dogging women in the lyrics. He would hate for someone to one day call his daughter a b*tch or a h*e. That would make him very upset and he would have a big problem with someone disrespecting his daughter.”

Do you think Breezy could take back his “hoeness” *Draya Voice* or is it too late for him? Let’s hope he can clean up his act for the sake of his baby girl!

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Angie Stone’s Daughter Speaks Out On Fight With Her Mother

Angie Stone arrested mug shot

Angie Stone had jaws on the ground with her latest stunt. The singer was arrested for getting into a fight with her 30-year-old daughter, Diamond, which resulted in the girl getting her teeth knocked out. Diamond has now released a statement. According to her, she has a story of “being abused” and she will not stop until the world hears it.

Check it out after the jump.

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(Photos) This Is Chris Brown’s Alleged Child’s Mother Nia, Their Daughter…And The Man Who Thought He Was The Dad

Chris Brown x Royalty

Shortly after TMZ broke the news that Chris Brown was the father of a nine-month old girl (pictured above,) the man that believed he was the father up until today took to Instagram to speak out. Via a page he’d created for their daughter, he called this “the saddest day of [his] life,” adding, “I dedicated my whole life to this family, now everything is gone…” (You can view the whole post in the gallery.)

A quick scan of the 140+ photos revealed the mother in question, Nia, and some details about the family. Nia and the man involved live in Houston, Texas, and it appears they lived together. They have ties to music mogul James Prince and his son Jas Prince…which is funny, since Jas is credited as being the one to discover Drake. Breezy just can’t get away from this guy! It also appears that the little girl’s name is Royalty, though that may just be a nickname. We’ll keep you updated as we know more!

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(Video) Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Talks About Her Father’s Tragic Suicide!

_Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Talks About Her Father's Tragic Suicide

Zelda Williams recently spoke on the ‘Today’ Show about her father’s tragic suicide. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!

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(18+ Video) Ummm…Mom And Daughter Show ‘Gag Skills’ On Cucumbers

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Although technically this is most men’s dream, it’s wildly inappropriate, a mother and daughter on camera, together, at the same time, showing ‘how U kill a vegan d**k’.

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(Photos) Super Cute! Jeezy Posts Picture Of His Daughter For #ThrowbackThursday


Rapper Jeezy took to his Instagram account to show off his adorable baby girl when she was just a baby for today’s #ThrowbackThursday festivities. Jeezy’s daughter turned one today, so it is only right to throw up an oldie with his princess! The “Seen It All” artist captioned his photo, “Since the 1st day you where born, I’ve been a better man, individual and father. You are my light, my motivation and my inspiration. Happy Born Day my Angel. #TBT #FF #1stFam #IFA.” So adorable! Take a look at Jeezy and his baby over in the gallery.

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