What the actual…

The people are livid after this one and rightfully so. This rapist admitted to raping his daughter repeatedly and only gets 60 days after he was supposed to get 100 years.

Frankie Zing

Judge John McKeon sentenced a Glasgow, Montana man, whose identity the reporting Washington Post is withholding for the sake of the sexual assault survivor, to 60 days in jail instead of the 25 years prosecutors asked for. Prosecutors originally wanted a 100-year sentence, 75 years of which would be suspended. McKeon gave the man a 30-year suspended sentence, which means he’ll only serve that if he fails his probation.

The guy has already spent 17 days in jail toward his 60 so he’s got 43 left for ruining his daughter’s life. The people want to have the judge impeached and started a petition with already 29,000 signatures.

For real what the hell is going on in our country?