A woman is now being charged with child endangerment after she allowed Tigers (yes Tigers) to be around her 14-year-old daughter. 34-year-old Trisha Meyer was arrested after police discovered she had a large male tiger and also three tiger cubs living in her home. Aside from the large cats, she had monkeys, a skunk, a fox and a cougar in her home.

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The Houston Police Department was called to Meyer’s home after she tried to sell an exotic Savannah kitten to a California man for $3,000. The man claims he never got the cat after he gave Meyer the money. She has a permit for the tigers but not the skunks and the foxes. Why would one even want these animals in their home anyway. I can only imagine how her house smells. Meyer actually admitted to the police that the cubs were reaching the age where they could be dangerous. She also said the monkeys were “vicious” and that one of them attacks people. Again, why would you want these animals around your children? Meyer tried to flee to Las Vegas with her tigers after the landlord kicked her out once they contacted police. She fled to Pahrump Nevada, where she was then arrested on Nov. 7.

Check out the exotic cats this woman had living with her family below.

Source: NYPost