This past year, we have experienced the butt shot epidemic that is ruining it for all of us natural women with real booties. As tempting as the thought of ass shots can be from time to time due to the fact that we have to see these model chicks with the huge butts on a daily basis, the procedure is SO extremely dangerous and can result in death as we’ve seen in many instances. However, a Miami surgeon has discovered a much safer way to get the plump pound cake that we all long for.

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A beauty salon in Miami is offering what they’re calling “vacuum therapy” which apparently makes the booty bigger. The procedure consists of two suction cups being places on each butt cheek for 45 minutes each. The suction cup is supposed to “mobilize the fat” and “raise, enlargen and re-affirm the gluteus [sic].” According to people who have had the procedure done, it works and the results stick! However, just like anything, the more sessions you get, the better the results are. four-six sessions are recommended for the best results, running you about $60 a pop (not bad at ALL!) I wish I never heard about this, I might have to make a stop the next time I’m in Miami (LOL, but really though.)

Ladies– would you get this pretty safe-sounding procedure done to enhance your booty?

Source: DailyMail