Keri Hilson

Over the weekend, video footage surfaced of singer/songwriter Keri Hilson performing at a VERY…and I mean VERY…empty stadium, naturally prompting ridicule from people on the web. People began clowning her for her “irrelevance in music,” her “dwindling career” and more, but Miss Keri Baby shut them all down in one simple tweet.

“I spent my day being ridiculed for getting paid $100,000 in one night, to do what I love 4 years after being publicly relevant. FML,” Keri wrote, adding some laughing emojis at the end for the full effect. You tell em, girl! At the end of the day, she still got her money…and she hasn’t even TRIED to put music out in recent years, so you can’t diss her by saying she’s irrelevant musically, because she’s not attempting to be! Oh, and you know she’s not broke either – not only is she dating a NBA star, but songwriting is LUCRATIVE, oftentimes more so than an actual singing career. Keri Hilson is going to be just fine.

Check out the video clip below and her tweet in the gallery!

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