(Photos) This Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Spread Will Give You Life + Who Objected To Their Relationship?

Yesterday, we got a behind-the-scenes visual of how steamy it could get between Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj; today; we get the full entrée as the couple shows us that a picture is worth a 1,000 words in their latest GQ photoshoot. Following the shoot, the couple sits down with GQ editors to talk the beginning out their relationship, who objected their relationship in the beginning (HINT: Nicki’s MOTHER), and how “un-normal” their relationship is. “I definitely think we have a normal relationship off camera. It’s the same thing I think as any other couple in the hood,” Nicki says. “We’re growing as a couple and as people and as human beings but we still have our careers, and I think probably the only thing that makes it un-normal is that we’re both successful artists, and that’s probably not normal.” Find out more after the jump.

(Photo) Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Haters On IG By Posting Their Photo And Calling Them Out

Nicki Minaj is fed up with fans giving their two cents about her life. Friday she posted a couple photos of her and her mother at her brother’s wedding and fans immediately began talking ish. From her hair to her outfit, fans picked apart the rap queen, so she decided to clap back in a way that left some fans calling her a bully. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) Rob Kardashian Addresses Haters For Poking Fun At His Weight; Tells Them “Suck D*ck”

If you’ve been paying attention to the Kardashian family throughout the years, it’s very apparent that Rob Kardashian went from in-shape to a little “husky” we’ll call it. He’s very open with his weight gain and chose to recently address it via his Instagram page while posting up some throwback flicks of himself when he was skinny. Rob captioned one throwback with his muscles out, “Last throwback of the day and yes I’m fat now so yall haters can literally suck d*ck.” He then posted a bunch of comments from his fans poking fun in a friendly way at his weight, saying they love in and out burger and chipotle too. “Lol I’m actually laughing at your comments haha especially the one two above the in n out and chipotle comment but that in n out and chipotle comment is a mind reader… love you all.” At least he seems to be in good spirits. Check out his posts about his extreme weight gain over in the gallery.

(Photos + Video) Keri Hilson Performs At A VERY Empty Stadium, Then CLAPS BACK At Haters For Clowning Her

Over the weekend, video footage surfaced of singer/songwriter Keri Hilson performing at a VERY…and I mean VERY…empty stadium, naturally prompting ridicule from people on the web. People began clowning her for her “irrelevance in music,” her “dwindling career” and more, but Miss Keri Baby shut them all down in one simple tweet. “I spent my day being ridiculed for getting paid $100,000 in one night, to do what I love 4 years after being publicly relevant. FML,” Keri wrote, adding some laughing emojis at the end for the full effect. You tell em, girl! At the end of the day, she still got her money…and she hasn’t even TRIED to put music out in recent years, so you can’t diss her by saying she’s irrelevant musically, because she’s not attempting to be! Oh, and you know she’s not broke either – not only is she dating a NBA star, but songwriting is LUCRATIVE, oftentimes more so than an actual singing career. Keri Hilson is going to be just fine. Check out the video clip below and her tweet in the gallery!

Dj Mustard Claps Back At Followers For Joking On His Weight!!

Clap Back season seems to be in FULL effect since people on social media have no CHILL. Dj Mustard was the next celeb to go off on IG followers for getting on him about his weight. The famous producer just laughed it off saying he lost 15 pounds and the haters need to get a life! I agree, let that man be great! Photo of his response in the gallery…

(Photos) Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Haters Over Old Video

Over the weekend, a video surfaced from Nicki Minaj’s high school years, showing off her acting chops as she auditioned for agents during her senior year at the famed LaGuardia High School of the Arts. Though all of that Onika sass we’ve come to know and love from the Young Money raptress was there…them hips, thighs, booty and bust we’ve come to know and love as well were not, prompting ridicule from trolls online about her alleged plastic surgery. Taking to her Twitter, Nicki indirectly addressed the negativity, making note that just because she’s famous and has money, it does not exempt her from having feelings and being hurt by mean-spirited comments. Amen, boo! I don’t understand people who sit online all day to say negative things. Get out and get a job or something, b. Check out Nicki’s comments in the gallery. Don’t worry, girl…you’re laughing all the way to the bank! P.S. Who cares whether she got surgery or not?! She looks damn good!

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