(Video) This Is Dope! Check Out 12-Year-Old Kanye West Reciting A Martin Luther King, Jr. Poem


In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Kim Kardashian posted up a vintage video of her hubby, Kanye West, reciting an MLK poem back in 1990 when he was only 12-years-old in middle school! (It’s hilarious because he still has a similar voice, just deeper now.) She captioned the YouTube link via her Twitter page, “I wish I posted this yesterday! How cute is my baby!!!!!!! #MLK” Absolutely adorable and super classic. Check out the vid of Yeezy giving praise to MLK when he was a tiny tot below.

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(Photos) Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Haters Over Old Video

Nicki Minaj in high school

Over the weekend, a video surfaced from Nicki Minaj’s high school years, showing off her acting chops as she auditioned for agents during her senior year at the famed LaGuardia High School of the Arts. Though all of that Onika sass we’ve come to know and love from the Young Money raptress was there…them hips, thighs, booty and bust we’ve come to know and love as well were not, prompting ridicule from trolls online about her alleged plastic surgery.

Taking to her Twitter, Nicki indirectly addressed the negativity, making note that just because she’s famous and has money, it does not exempt her from having feelings and being hurt by mean-spirited comments. Amen, boo!

I don’t understand people who sit online all day to say negative things. Get out and get a job or something, b. Check out Nicki’s comments in the gallery. Don’t worry, girl…you’re laughing all the way to the bank!

P.S. Who cares whether she got surgery or not?! She looks damn good!

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(Video) This Is Dope! Check Out Nicki Minaj Acting In High School!

_Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Sexy Body For The Gram

Rapper extraordinare Nicki Minaj has broken countless records and has had more #1 hits on the charts than Madonna. That being said, she is one of the most (if not THE most) talented femcees in the game. However, she has apparently been poppin’ since way before she began her rapping career. A rare clip of Nicki surfaced on the internet of Onika in high school acting in a show. In the video she is referred to as “angry phone girl” because she got so into the scene that she accidentally broke the phone they were using as a prop for the show. Who would have thought she would go on to be one of the most successful artists in the industry! Check out this super dope throwback clip of Nicki below. She should get back into acting, too! Such a talented chick.

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(Photos) Throwback Thursday: The Kardashian Sisters Get Into The Christmas Spirit!

Throwback Thursday: The Kardashians

To spread the holiday cheer, Kim Kardashian posted an adorable photo for Throwback Thursday of Khloe, Kourtney and herself when they were little girls celebrating Christmas together captioning the photo, “Merry Christmas!!!!” So crazy how Kimmy and Kourtney still have the SAME exact faces but Kourtney looks absolutely nothing like her younger self. Still all three are super cute, though! Take a trip over to the gallery and check out the vintage throwback flick of the Kardashian sisters getting into the Christmas spirit! I can’t wait to see how Kim and Kanye dressed baby Nori for the holidays. Knowing them, she’ll be the flyest little toddler in America!

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#DJFunkFlexApp LISTEN: Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chillout & Funk Flex Christmas Eve 14′ Oldschool Mix


Lit Digital DJs Funk Flex, Kool DJ Red Alert & DJ Chuck Chillout continue the tradition by going down memory lane getting on all the classics for Christmas Eve on Hot 97. Check out mixes after the jump.

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(Video) Fresh Fest 1985 With Run DMC, Whodini, The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, Jeckyll & Hyde, Furious 5 & Sugarhill Gang


Check out vintage footage of Fresh Fest 1985 which took place at Nassua Coliseum

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#LitDigitalDJClassic: Kool DJ Red Alert Spring 1987 On 98.7 KISS FM


Check out this classic mix from Lit Digital DJ, Kool DJ Red Alert & make sure you tune in tonight 7pm as the Koolest Legend & Funk Flex get on the classics as they do every year for Christmas Eve on Hot 97.

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#LitDigitalDJClassic: DJ Chuck Chillout December 1985 KISS Mastermix 98.7 WRKS-FM


Check out this vintage Christmas mix from Lit Digital DJ, DJ Chuck Chillout on Kiss 98.7 FM in 1985. Classic!!!

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(Video) I Love The 90s: Fabolous Edition

Fabolous Loves The 90s

Fabolous’ new album The Young OG Project drops on Christmas Day. In previous interviews about the project, Loso explained that it is “very ’90s-inspired and ’90s themed.”

“It was a golden era in hip-hop to me,” the rapper told MTV upon announcing it. “It was where I fell in love with hip-hop and really admired everything that was going on within the culture. I was introduced to hip-hop in the ’80s but the ’90s is when it flourished and you saw different people, different styles and different regions emerge – it was a very diverse and versatile time and that’s another reason why it sticks to me.”

Keeping with the theme, Loso has since thrown a 90s birthday bash, and released an album trailer reenacting the classic 1990 film, The King of New York.

Because of this, MTV decided to bring back their sister station VH1’s now-defunct I Love The 90s series for a special Fabolous edition, where he reminisces over our favorite fashions, movies, television shows and video games. Check it out below.

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(Photos) Throwback Thursday: How Cute Was Karrueche As A Baby!

Karrueche Toronto

Before heading to Toronto to give back to the community at their Art of Love event (above,) Karrueche stopped by her aunt’s house, and took a trip down memory line while going through old photo albums.

“Whyyyyy do I look like little Rico Suave?!” Breezy’s boo joked as she shared a photo of herself as a baby on Instagram. She went on to share another as a youngin, showing off both her mom (who we often get to see) and her father – who we rarely (if ever? I can’t remember right now) get to see, as well as a pic of her teens. Check out all the pics below. How cute is Karrueche as a baby?!

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