Nicki Minaj is fed up with fans giving their two cents about her life. Friday she posted a couple photos of her and her mother at her brother’s wedding and fans immediately began talking ish. From her hair to her outfit, fans picked apart the rap queen, so she decided to clap back in a way that left some fans calling her a bully.

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When fans started to diss Nicki Minaj, she decided to take a stand. Nicki began posting the photos of fans who had something negative to say about her with captions like ‘she dissin me’ and ‘she don’t like my hair.’ At first fans thought she was hacked but then Nicki confirmed via Twitter that she did indeed call out the haters.

She said, “Lol can I just be on my own page minding my business in peace? Lmao. When I post a pic of a person dissin me I’m a bully? Lol this world…” she added, “Lol I’m not even saying anything any more. I’m just going to post your pic. If you’re that perfect, you shouldn’t care right? Lol”

Well that’s certainly a way to make a statement, LOL. The photos of the haters have since been deleted but we got the screenshots! Click the gallery to see the fans and Nicki’s full Twitter rant.

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