(Photos) YG’s On-Again/Off-Again Girlfriend Shows Off Her Baby Bump

YG x Catelyn

At the end of 2014, YG’s on-again/off-again girlfriend Catelyn reportedly had her Instagram “hacked,” and blasted her then-ex about getting her pregnant, trying to pay her off for giving her herpes and more. She followed up an hour later by saying she definitely wasn’t hacked, but the next day, all of the posts were deleted and she switched to the hacked excuse before deleting her page in its entirety.

Since then, we haven’t heard much from the tatted up makeup artist, but over the weekend, a photo of her baby bump surfaced online. Earlier this year, YG revealed to the Ebro In The Morning crew that Catelyn is due in June, so she only has a couple of months to go.

Check out the baby bump in the gallery.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Blu Gem Poses With Kaylin Garcia For Bottles N Models Magazine

IFWT_Blu Gem Feat.

Blu Gem is an upcoming model/artist, previously seen in Straight Stuntin Magazine. “The Drama King” DJ Kay Slay even gave her record a few spins on HOT 97. Well, Blu just let us know, via Instagram, that she’s on the cover of “Bottles N Models” Magazine with “Love n Hip Hop” twerk instructor, Kaylin Garcia!

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(Photos) Man Killed Girlfriend & Her Children Then Sent Pictures Of Bodies To Their Biological Dad!

_Man Killed Girlfriend & Her Children Then Sent Pictures Of Bodies To Their Biological Dad

A man killed his girlfriend and her three young children and then he sent pictures of their dead bodies to their biological dad ‘as a birthday gift’ before he committed suicide. Check out the photos in the gallery and read more on the crazy story after the jump!

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(Photos) 43 Dinosaur Eggs Discovered By Construction Workers In China!

_43 Dinosaur Eggs Discovered By Construction Workers In China

Dozens of dinosaur eggs were discovered by construction workers in China. Nineteen of the 43 eggs are still completely intact. Check out the photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos + Video) Woman Holds Record For 7ft Long Hair In India!

_Woman Holds Record For 7ft Long Hair In India

Smita Srivastava, 37, currently holds the record for the longest hair in India. Her hair is 7 feet long and it has made her a local celebrity. She has hopes of becoming a Guinness World Record holder. Check out the photos in the gallery of her super long hair, as well as a video and read more on the story after the jump!

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Chrissy Teigen Refuses to Photoshop Anymore

Chrissy Teigen

You go girl! Chirssy Teigen is fed up and announces she will longer be using photo editing apps on her photos. The natural beauty talks about her frustration with the trend.

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(Photos) Kylie Jenner Responds To Lip Challenge…Meanwhile; And Blac Chyna Is Now Ready To FIGHT!

Kylie Jenner

While Blac Chyna came for that a$$ last night on Instagram, Kylie Jenner chose to remain tight-lipped, but she did take the time to address the latest ridiculous trend going around on social media – considering it’s to clown her.

“I’m not here to encourage people/young girls to look like me or think this is the way they should look,” Kylie wrote on Twitter yesterday. “I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF not be afraid to experiment w your look.”

Whatever. In other news, Blac Chyna may or may not have additional plans for Kylie Jenner in a few months – when the 17-year-old girlfriend of her baby’s daddy will officially be a legal adult.

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(Photos) SZA Sheds Some Major Weight and Shares The “Secret” To Her Journey


The summer is coming, and everyone is rushing to get those summer bodies right so they can be on the beach flexin’. And as an entertainer, it’s that much more important as your health needs to be on point with your crazy schedule, and of course you want to look good when your picture is being taken every time you turn a corner.

TDE songstress SZA has shed a good amount of weight in recent months, and if you’re struggling with ridiculous diets or any of those fads, here’s some motivation: she did it simply from taking out some of the horrible foods she was eating.

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(Photos) It’s Crazy How Much Breezy’s Daughter Royalty Truly Is His Twin!

Chris Brown x Royalty

When Chris Brown shared his first photo of his daughter on Instagram last week, he captioned the picture with, “God has blessed me with my twin. #ROYALTY,” and he surely did not lie. The little cutie pie shares so many of the same facial expressions and mannerisms as her daddy, and even has an almost identical baby picture. Check out the adorable pics of Royalty in the gallery.

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(Photos) Blac Chyna Is About To Make Some Big Changes

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has been known for her wigs – particularly the bangs on each of them – but it looks like that’s all going out the window. (At least for now.) Taking to Twitter earlier this month, the former dancer announced that starting May 1, she’ll no longer be rocking bangs. Then a picture she shared over the weekend seems to show that she’s starting even sooner than the 1st!

Check out Chy with her natural hair and bangs-free in the gallery. Which do you prefer?

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