(Photos) Flashback Friday: Amber Rose Back In The Day!

Amber Rose

Since it’s Flashback Friday, and Amber Rose is all over the media this week, what better way to kick off the day than to throw it back with Amb? It also helps that she shared an adorable TBT photo yesterday – which Wiz even commented on with quite a flirtatious comment! We’re really rooting for these two to get back together!

Check out the FBF pics and Wiz’s comment in the gallery!

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WOW! You’ll NEVER Recognize This ‘Hangover’ Star Now!

Zach Galifianakis then

Actor Zach Galifianakis is barely recognizable now, as both the heavy beard and the weight are a thing of the past! The Hangover star was spotted in Venice yesterday and looked nothing like the guy we came to know, but he’s looking great nonetheless! TMZ reports that he dropped the weight through eating better and drinking less.

Check out the before and after in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Video+Photo) Burberry Hires Victoria & David Beckham’s 16-Year-Old Son As Photographer Of New Campaign


Victoria and David Beckham’s 16-year-old son Brooklyn is making his mark in the fashion industry and not too many people are feeling it. Burberry hired the inexperienced photographer to shoot their new fragrance campaign, and more experienced photographers are calling it nepotism.

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(Video+Photos) Beyonce’s New Feature Ignites Cultural Appropriation Controversy


Coldplay’s newest video ‘Hymn For The Weekend‘ is receiving backlash after some have decided that Beyonce’s costume is an act of cultural appropriation. Others who have seen the video love it and say it was an act of paying homage.

Learn more after the jump!

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(Photos) Post Malone Claps Back At Earl Sweatshirt For ‘White Iverson’ Comments


Know the song “White Iverson” by Dallas’ own Post Malone? One of 2015’s hip-hop smash singles? Well, apparently the always interesting Earl Sweatshirt never heard it until this week and he gave his unappreciated comments on the song to the twittersphere. Post Malone wasn’t letting that go and he has responded. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Momager Knows Best: Kris Jenner Spotted On Her Way To See Rob At Blac Chyna’s House


Kris Jenner saw her opportunity and took it, ASAP!

The momager was spotted driving through the gates of Blac Chyna’s housing development the moment she knew the coast was clear. Reportedly, Blac Chyna was on a flight to England, Friday for a club appearance and Jenner jumped at the opportunity to try and reel her son back in.

As we previously reported, Rob has been living and working out at Blac Chyna’s home after being thrown out by sister Khloe, when she found out “BlackRob” had been canoodling in her home while she was away.

The entire Kardashian family (except Kim, kinda) is disturbed by the news of Rob dating Blac Chyna as she’s the sworn enemy of the youngest, Kylie. Aside from being upset by the family betrayal they believe Blac Chyna is just using Rob to keep herself relevant and fears he’ll be hurt in the end.

Click the gallery for photos.

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WOW – Amina Buddafly Reveals She Is Pregnant AGAIN At L&HH Reunion Taping

Amina pregnant

Last night, Love & Hip-Hop taped the reunion special for their latest season in NY, and Amina reportedly dropped a bombshell on Peter Gunz. After aborting her pregnancy in just the last episode (which was likely last year some time,) Amina revealed that she is 3 months pregnant.

Pictures have also surfaced to support the reports. So Peter will be welcoming two children around the same time? This is a mess! Check out her baby bump in the gallery and let us know your thoughts.

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(Photos) Guess Which Rapper’s Baby Mama Was Flown Out To LA By Chief Keef!

Fetty Wap x daughter x Lezhae Zeona

Fetty Wap’s daughter’s mother remained out of the spotlight for the first few months of their daughter’s life in 2015, but she made her way to the web when she and Fetty started butting heads last fall. She went on to do tell-all interviews about him and all, and ended up enjoying the attention so much, she quit school to try to pursue a modeling career.

Lezhae and Fetty have since reconciled, but since he’s preoccupied with a few other women romantically, Lezhae has set her sights set on other rappers. In the past couple of months, she’s made various men her #MCM on Instagram, including Tory Lanez and a local rapper from her Paterson neighborhood, but the latest was none other than Chicago native, Chief Keef. Her captions for all of the aforementioned men always seemed to allude that these posts were more than random admiration from afar, and now the latter has pretty much been confirmed to be true.

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(Photos) Khloe Kardashian Seemingly Reacts To Rob & Chyna; Amber Rose Follows Scott Disick


Earlier today, it was revealed that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are getting cozy, after Chyna posted a photo cuddling with an unidentified man…whose tattoos matched up directly to Rob’s.

Shortly after the news broke, Rob’s outspoken big sis Khloe took to Twitter with a cryptic tweet, seemingly aiming at her black sheep bro.

“You can do anything. But never go against the family.”

*Cues Godfather music.* Of course, the blogs picked this up and ran with it right away, and though I do believe she was referring to Rob, Khloe wanted to clean it up and look like the bigger person.

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(Photos) WOW! Blac Chyna Is Boo’d Up With Rob Kardashian!

Rob Kardashian x Blac Chyna

Talk about the ultimate burn! While Rob Kardashian is on rocky roads with his family, and Blac Chyna doesn’t like the Kardashians either for obvious reasons (hello, Kylie,) it appears the pair have found solace in each other’s arms.

Last night, Kylie had actually posted and deleted a drawing of a devil-like creature, saying that it’s Rob. Perhaps this was what it was in reference to? Man oh man, what a mess! Pics in the gallery!

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