For whatever reason, our generation can’t handle a rap beef, and suddenly they feel like certain topics are off the table. Do we forget about Pac and what he was saying about Mobb Deep back in the day? Hov alleging he slept with Nas’ baby’s mother?! Like, this is nothing new people!

While I do think that mental health is a serious issue and there is nothing wrong with people going to therapy or in Kid Cudi’s case, rehab, to work on it, it’s not like Drake randomly heard about what Cudi is going through and decided to make fun of him for it. Instead, he merely used it as a response to the jabs that Cudi THREW FIRST. Are we forgetting this? And to those who say it’s not fair to kick a man while he’s down…Cudi threw those shots knowing he was going away too! And he’s coming back! He has the ability to respond, people. It’s not like when Troy Ave disrespected a man who had NO WAY to respond ever. (RIP, Capital STEEZ!) Now THAT was crossing a line, especially because he had nothing to do with it. But this? As they say – all is fair in love and war.

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Anyway, people are going crazy in Drake’s Instagram comments for shading both Kid Cudi and Pusha T on “2 Birds, 1 Stone,” and it looks like he’s got some time on his hands to respond. Check out some of the exchanges in the gallery!