Funk Flex went on a rant tonight on his radio show on HOT 97. This particular rant wasn’t a general rant, This particular rant was aimed at the website “Life & Times.” Earlier in the day Flex got an e-mail that set him off on a path to go IN on the site. In a previous situation they interviewed him on his app and digital savvy, low and behold a few months later jay-Z launched his album “Magna Carta, Holy Grail” with Samsung via an app the same way Flex launched his “DJ Funk Flex” app. Flex felt like being contacted by “life and times” again in this manner he was being played. He said he felt it was a smoke screen and they were just sniffing around for other purposes. When Flex DJ’s at the 40/40 club Dip Set music is not allowed to be played in the establishment. He found it funny that they would reach out to him to find out about his involvement in the Dip Set reunion ( #DIPSET2015 ) When it’s clear they don’t move in unison with Dip Set. I can’t explain it better than he can tell himself, listen below.