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Okay the headline sounds a bit much but Hines Ward was making perfect sense, and some athletes actually do make women sign contracts.  Being an athlete today is more dangerous than it’s ever been according to Ward.  There’s more women trying to get fame and/or hit the jackpot courtesy of a famous athlete.  The Internet gives people more access and knowledge about these players as well as the quick and easy opportunity to spread news and information.

Shay Marie

Hines Ward sat with Meredith Vieira on her talk show and discussed the target on athletes backs.  Ward says young, rich, single NFL players probably need these women to sign contracts before taking them out on dates and make sure they get it in writing that everything they do is okay.

The ex Super Bowl champ said single NFL players are being targeted by conniving women. While there are genuine cases of domestic violence and rape, Ward thinks some women only make these accusations because it’s an athlete.

Ward also took a pretty big stance on Ray Rice saying he shouldn’t be in the league and he wouldn’t want to be his teammate.He says a man putting his hands on a woman is weak to him.

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