Dr. Dre Beef Sourced Suge Knight Hit & Run?

Though it seems like this guy has more lives than a cat, looks like he’s just about run out of all his luck. Suge…it ain’t looking too good for you! Dr Dre speaks out & says WHAT about hit-run incident? Dre definitely says a mouthful, and it looks like his name is “Benet because he is definitely NOT IN IT”, according to him. Earlier reports surfaced that Dr. Dre was somehow involved in the incident that resulted in the tragic death of Terry Carter, an acquaintance of Suge Knight. Well…. sources report that was a LIE. See what Dre had to say on his involvement in the tragedy inside.

This is definitely not going to end well for the former president of Death Row Records who is currently already in hot water for prior parole violating offenses, and now he will more than likely get the BOOK thrown at him. Suge…it ain’t looking too good for you! Dr Dre speaks out & says WHAT about hit-run incident? Well in earlier reports released, Suge implicated Dre in the death of his acquaintance, suggesting that Dre actually called the deceased victim’s phone to broker a truce between him and Suge, which was the reason he and Terry were on location at the movie set. In addition to Dre refuting Suge’s story….the family of the victim who died is out for blood. Terry Carter’s family believes Suge had malice intent when he backed up his car killing Terry, making him a cold blooded murder. Very unfortunate situation for all involved. Our prayers go out to the Carter family.

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TMZ reports….

“Sources connected with Dre tell us … he scoffed when he was told Suge is claiming Terry Carter — the man he struck and killed — was bringing Suge to the set because Dre wanted to end their beef.

TMZ broke the story … less than an hour before the hit and run, Suge went to another set location but was thrown out by Dre’s security. Sources connected with Suge say he got a call from Carter who said he had just spoken with Dre and the Beats mogul said he wanted Suge to return so he could make peace.

Our Dre sources say it never happened, and note it’s pretty convenient the only other person who has first-hand knowledge is dead because Suge killed him.

As for why Dre and his people didn’t want Suge around … we’re told it’s because they view Suge as having a big fat target on his back. They say the shooting last Summer where Suge was hit 6 times is proof enough … he has enemies, and Dre didn’t want him and his people in the line of fire.”

Well there we have it. Looks like Suge is in for a world of trouble. Will he be able to get himself out of this one?