What a terrible situation to an even more terrible tragedy. Following the suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams, his third wife, Susan Schneider Williams and three children, Zack, Zelda and Cody are battling over his estate. Williams, who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, committed suicide August ’14, and following the tragedy is a battle for the materialistic things. Susan filed court documents to stop Williams’ children from obtaining anything from the home she shared with the actor, near Tiburon. Documents state that Zack, Zelda and Cody’s claim to any artifacts are within the confinements of the family’s estate in Napa California.

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Family photos and “precious” collections of Japanese anime figurines, bicycles, books, coins watches are among the artifacts that the children says are being held from them. Susan says that the, “watches are not jewelry and should therefore be treated as contents of the Tiburon home that are part of the Susan Trust.” In addition, she felt the need to seek court assistance when the three children’s trustee “insisted on gaining access” into her home one-month after Williams’ suicide. However, the children’s rebuttal is that Susan held away from the estate for ‘months while she allegedly implemented a $30,000 home renovation.

“The Williams children are heartbroken that petitioner, Mr. Williams’ wife of less than three years, has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate,” lawyers for the kids’ estate said in a response filed Jan. 21.

For their part, the Williams children have sought to resolve any potential disputes and conclude the trust administration process as quickly and efficiently as possible, to allow them to privately grieve the loss of their father and begin to heal from this tragic event,” their filing said.

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