IFWT_Kris and Bruce5

We’ve seen a drastic change in former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s appearance over the past year, but nobody thought anything out of the box was occurring, even his own wife whom he spent the last 22 years with. Bruce Jenner’s entire transition process is about to go public (or else it wouldn’t be a Kardashian-Jenner party) although the family decided to put a stop to any press runs… for now.

According to Kris Jenner, she was completely in the dark over Bruce wanting to become a woman until they had a family meeting a couple months back, which you KNOW was recorded for our viewing pleasures. Apparently, there was an extremely big lack of communication in their marriage (obviously) and Kris is to blame. She would ignore Bruce and leave him shut out on so many things, making it difficult for him to communicate to her. But in all seriousness, how do you have the talk with your extremely famous wife that you just randomly decided to become a chick? Yeah… no. Bruce did make it very clear though that he wants to be in complete control of what gets publicized from his transition. KUWTK lovers– be prepared for a juicy next season! That’s all I’m saying…

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