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Days later and everyone is still discussing the Seattle Seahawks decision to pass rather than run the ball on the one-yard line.  It’s being hailed as the worst call in Super Bowl history.  Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson have all given their thoughts on the matter with Lynch supporting the team and Wilson taking the blame, now coach Pete Carroll is speaking out.  Carroll did an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer for the “Today” show and admitted how greatly the play affected him.

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Pete Carroll says he actually cried over his Super Bowl fail but he’s still defending his decision to pass on that infamous play from the goal line.

“I never make a call thinking it’s gonna go bad,” Carroll said “This was properly planned. It just didn’t turn out well.”

As for the tears, Carroll says he was hit with a wave of emotion around 4:05 AM the next day and just let it all out.

When Lauer asked if the play was the worst call ever Carroll replied, “It was the worst result of a call ever. The call woulda been a great one if we caught it.”

Carroll noted that things like this stick with him and never go away but they also fuel him to do better.

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