As heart-breaking and difficult as it may be to make the decision to pull the plug on your daughter, it’s looking like that’s the only choice Bobby Brown may have. After his daughter Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bathtub, her brain has not been functioning properly and the doctors have told him that the chances are slim to none that she will improve. However, Bobby refuses to pull the plug on her life support. According to sources, Bobby is “waiting for a miracle from God” to pull through and save his baby girl. Bobbi’s condition has been the same since Monday since she was brought to Emery University Hospital and there has been so signs of improvement what-so-ever.

Being that Brown and his family are deeply religious, they feel as if a miracle is possibly, despite what the doctors have to say. Until further notice, they will remain by her hospital bed praying for some type of improvement. This situation is so tragic because it’s going to be Whitney Houston’s four year death anniversary in just a few days on February 11th. Crazy how they were both found the same way, dead in a bathtub. This situation is so extremely tragic and hurts my heart. My prayers go out to the Houston and Brown family during this difficult time.

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Source: TMZ