Girl Dumps Boyfriend Then Begs Him Back After He Wins 350k. I love seeing stories like this because it’s complete proof of God’s work, saving men from potentially marrying gold diggers.

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This man in Chicago was dumped by his girlfriend because she was over his lack of motivation and her girlfriends told her to dump him because she needed someone who can take care of her financially. Carl was depressed from losing his job and was in debt of over 9k. Instead of being uplifting and cheering her boyfriend up, she saw Carl as unfit for her despite him being the sweetest guy she’s ever been with. After a few weeks, Carl found a sports betting site and managed to bank in over 350k in one year. When his ex saw his face on the front page of a local newspaper that she reads daily, she began to call, text and email Carl to take her back. He didn’t. First, let me start off by congratulating Carl for battling through his depression and making something out of nothing for himself. Secondly Carl, you were dating a gold digger for four years. If a girl you’ve been dating for four years truly loved you for you, money shouldn’t be a reason to break up. She’s supposed to hold you down until you get back to your feet because eventually when you guys get married, difficult situations will arise where one person will struggle a bit financially and the other is going to have to take care of the household until further notice. I graduated from college and couldn’t find a job for about a month, best believe that was the most depressing month of my life. No job and no money and interviews were hard to come by for me. My dope ass girlfriend kept motivating me each and every day, constantly telling me that the next interview is it for me and she took care of me during that period (as she always does). That’s how you know you have a true girlfriend and a soon to be amazing wife. Thirdly, the girl is an idiot for listening to her “girlfriends”. If a person doesn’t cheat on you or hurt you, but you still have to seek out and listen to your girlfriends advice on YOUR relationship, there’s a problem. Ultimately I’m very happy for Carl, keep killing on those sports bets. And to your ex and all gold diggers out there, your day is coming.