Hiding out over the years has done this famously known mistress well. This weekend, Monica Lewinsky hits up Vanity Fair’s Oscar after party in an ample flowing tangerine dress.

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Am I the only one wondering what Monica’s love life has been like since Mr. Clinton? Maybe, but you had sex with Bill Clinton; BILL CLINTON. Who else compares, and who else wants to follow behind him? Random thoughts.

While they’re not her OWN words, I found out that based on the aftermath of the Lewinsky Scandal, is an upcoming DIY mini-series. The six installment show will give us a visual of what we’d already read in the New York magazine profile, Monica Takes Manhattan.

“I watched and read many interviews with Monica, but rather than doing on a dead-on impression of her, I aimed to recreate her essence,” lead actress Lily Marotta explained to The FADER of her experiences researching the role. “I searched for a leather jacket and pantsuits that I thought she would have worn. I imagined myself as a young hurt woman who just wants to have a successful career and be able to window shop in the West Village without people staring and talking about her.”

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