IFWT_Flex on Bossip
Funk Flex Speaks With Bossip for a pretty interesting interview, a must watch if you will. The #Dipset2015 tour, and the ‘difficulty level’ of dealing with the Diplomats…”They’re like brothers that argue over the last cookie”, which to me truly says ‘family’. The subject of Kendrick Lamar’s grammy, and should he have won it for his song “i” under categories ‘Best Rap Performance’, and ‘Best Rap Song’, which caused some controversy since some didn’t actually consider that a Hip Hop track. Flex’s recent weight loss also came up, Flex mentioned how he loves getting his picture taken now since he won’t look ‘heavy’ from any angle, he also reminded Bossip how they would often use a ‘bad picture’ of him when reporting a story about him(all in fun of course). Then the subject of Jay Z purchasing Hot 97 came up, and you have to hear what Flex says!!

Tat Wza

Funk Flex Speaks With Bossip; Watch this video to see how much Flex is enjoying life, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Anyone that hates on that I have to ask, who are you really mad at??? Although we know a few people, far and Close that are def upset at Flex’s recent Weight loss.

Bossip, a site with all the tea, ‘did they get an exclusive from Funk Flex’, is what you might be asking, especially the part where he says ‘If Jay Z buys Hot 97, the 1st thing he should do is fire him’. I’m sure at the time of taping this video, Bossip felt like they had a huge exclusive(I know I would have), but I think at this point, we all know HOV97 is NOT actually happening, so we all should now know Flex was being sarcastic. Thanks to Bossip for this look!