(Photo) Kendrick Lamar Will Play Welven Da Great In Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video


Kendrick Lamar will star in Taylor Swifts music video for her song “Bad Blood”, but not as Kendrick Lamar…as Vine superstar Welven Da Great! Hop into the post for all the details and photos! #IFWT!!!

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(Photos + Video) Kendrick Lamar Named A ‘Generational Icon’


Some people deserves all things great, and Kendrick Lamar is definitely one of them. The Compton native has received the ‘Generational Icon Award’ from the California State Senate. [Hand Clap].

Hit the jump for the details.

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(Photos) About Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video Premiere … It Stars Kendrick Lamar!


Sunday, May 17th, the Billboard Music Awards will air; also to air during the annual showcase will be the premiere of Taylor Swift’s new track, “Bad Blood”. As if that didn’t tickle your fancy, there will some of THE dopest acts to guest star in the video premiere, including our favorite Compton emcee, Kendrick Lamar.

Drop down bottom for more details.

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa Talks Putting Kendrick On, “See You Again” vs.”Black & Yellow” & More

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has been a highly talked about member of the rap game for quite some time, whether it be for his music or his personal relationship issues. The Taylor Gang front man recently chopped it up with MTV to take a little walk down memory lane to reminisce about his past summer tours, “See You Again” vs. “Black & Yellow,” collabing with PARTYNEXTDOOR and putting Kendrick and Mac Miller on.

“Every last one of my summer tours: ten, ten, ten, ten, ten,” Wiz said. “Mac Miller was awesome. A lot of people don’t remember that I took Kendrick [Lamar] on tour with me. Give me some credit for that,” Wiz says about giving Mac and Kendrick some shine in the industry.

When talking about taking over the Billboard charts not once but twice with “See You Again,” which was on the Furious 7 soundtrack, and his first real hit “Black & Yellow,” he explains how he transitioned throughout the years. “When I did ‘Black & Yellow’ I was kind of unknown, chilling, on the rise and then boom, a number one record. Then I had all these opportunities in front of me,” he said, before comparing it to his recent number-one hit “See You Again.” “Then a lot of time went on. It wasn’t like I just came out with another number one right away…now I have a lot of other opportunities.”

Get into the full interview with Wiz below!

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(Video) Kendrick Lamar’s Production Team Breaks Down The Unknown Facts About “To Pimp A Butterfly”


Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album To Pimp A Butterfly has had an immense impact on the game. Not only has it influenced a generation of aspiring lyricists, but it changed the lives of the producers who worked on the album as well. Revolt had the brilliant idea of bringing the entire team together to talk about the making of the remarkable album. If you thought you knew everything that went into making TPAB, you still have no clue until you watch this documentary. Find out what you didn’t know about the album after the jump!

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Snoop Dogg – “BUSH” [Tracklist]


Aside from being in the middle of lawsuits, Snoop Dogg has been hard at work with his upcoming project; BUSH. During one of his recent interviews, Snoop Dogg revealed that the iconic Stevie Wonder would be featured on BUSH; on a track titled, “California Roll”. We now see who else the Dogg/Lion was in the studio with.

Snoop releases the ten-tracklisting for BUSH, which features T.I., Charlie Wilson, Gwen Stefani, Rick Ross and also a west coast rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Can’t wait to hear.

Check out the complete list after the jump.

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(Photos) Kendrick Lamar “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe” Salad Available At Sweetgreens


Kendrick Lamar has teamed up with a salad chain named ‘Sweetgreen’ on a dish inspired by one of Kendrick Lamars biggest songs! Hop into the post to take a look at the salads and find out how you die hard Kendrick Lamar fans can get your hands on one! #IFWT!!!

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(Video) Kendrick Lamar Speaks On ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Artwork

kendrick lamar

Kendrick Lamar sat down and spoke in depth about the artwork featured on his album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’and what it really represents. The album cover which reveals Kendrick and his friends in front of the White House, means more than you may think.

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(Video) Rakim Reveals Who Hip-Hop Belongs To & Has A Special Message For The Youth


Legendary emcee Rakim recently had a sit-down with Montreality to chop it up about a bunch of things. He spoke on J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, reveals who Hip-Hop belongs to, his upcoming album, the new generation, and much more. He also delivers a special message for the youth!

Get into the full interview below.

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(Video) MLB: Kendrick Lamar Throws Out First Pitch at Dodgers Game


Compton, California native Kendrick Lamar took the mound at LA Dodgers Stadium to throw out the first pitch prior to their game against the rival San Francisco Giants.

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