_ISIS Infamous Killer 'Jihadi John' Is Identified As Mohammed Emwazi!

Rare footage of Mohammed Emwazi as a teenager years before becoming ISIS’s Jihadi John has surfaced. Mohammed Emwazi has been identified in many videos as the masked ISIS killer. Check out the video and read more about the story below!

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A newly discovered video of the unmasked killer Jihadi John, who has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, shows him as a young shy teenager playing soccer in London with his friends in a playground. Mohammed Emwazi, who is now 26, is seen in numerous videos beheading hostages, including two Americans.

In the footage from 2004, Emwazi is 15-years-old and is shown being picked by a schoolmate to play soccer during school recess at Quintin Kynaston Academy, in northwest London. He tries to hide his face whenever the camera focuses on him, by putting his arms up or moving around to stay out of view. Emwazi was identified last week as “Jihadi John” by friends who told The Washington Post. An investigation has been launched at the Quintin Kynaston Academy to see if Emwazi’s terrorist roots started at the school. So far about two other students from the school have joined ISIS in Syria. Emwazi graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a degree in computer programing and he was born in Kuwait.

Check out the rare footage of Mohammed Emwazi as a teenager below!