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So you’re in the Bahamas, probably on vacation, relaxing and enjoying the weather when four of the greatest stars in their prospective sports are playing a game of pickup basketball.  Of course the camera started rolling.  A woman captured Michael Jordan and Tom Brady playing basketball at the Bakers Bay Ocean and Golf Course in the Bahamas.

Shay Marie

Of course Jordan engaged in his legendary trash talk:

“Hey man you guys have YouTube? Put on Michael Jordan for real”

He also shouted “and-one” and called a foul.  MJ is really the old man on the court if he’s calling fouls in a pick up game.

Jordan and Brady were reportedly on the same team against professional golfers Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald.  They got to show off earlier I’m sure as the foursome also snapped pics on the golf course.

I’m waiting for them to play at least tag football and let Brady get to show off a bit.

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h/t Barstool Sports