A simple comment “Look at that, isn’t that funny?” and a laugh got a California mother, Denise Chiffon Berry shot and killed.

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Berry was driving in Hawthorne on Wednesday afternoon with her son when he turned and made eye contact with 3 men that drove by them in a Cadillac authorities said. The boy recalled that one of the passengers had his feet hanging out the window, he laughed and said “Look at that, isn’t that funny?” His mother kept on driving and the men started to follow closely behind. Berry noticed and drove up to a police officer and explained to him that they were being pursued. The officer then told her to park in front of him but it didn’t work.

When the mother parked her car at around 12:30 p.m. that’s when the men caught up, one hopped out the car with 2 guns and opened fire on Berry and her son. The cop fired back and killed the shooter on the scene. He was later identified as 38 year old Robert Washington. Luckily her son was able to get out the car, run away and speak with investigators before he had to undergo surgery for his injuries.

The person driving the Cadillac, Brandon Armolav White and his half brother Stanley Ross White was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy. They both have a bail set at $1 million. The investigation is still going on but it is said that there was no connection between the victims and those 3 men. So Sad! An innocent life gone.

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