So apparently there is still some friction between Superhead and Irv Gotti. Hop into the post to see them throw some shots at each other on Instagram earlier today about her son! #IFWT!

So Karrine Steffans (formerly known as superhead) is the mother of a very talented young teenage son who gets busy on the guitar. Her Son Naiim Steffans is in a Instagram video playing the electric guitar , really showing off his skills, but you wouldn’t believe who decided to comment on it.

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Karrine Steffans and Irv Gotti have had their issues in the past, and right when we think there really in the past, she still lets nothing slide. So Irv Gotti commented on the video of Naiim Steffans playing the guitar on Instagram, actually complementing him.

Irv Gotti said :

” Stop it. That’s Superheads Son?? That’s super dope. I’m definitely rooting for him. Looks like he gets buzzy in the guitar. Does he sing too? Or just play the Guitar?”

Although the Murder Ink CEO was expressing how impressive Karrine Steffan’s son was, she did not take it too much as a compliment.

Calling him a ‘F**k’ and being pretty upset with the fact that he did not use her correct name. Instead he used a name that she was commonly referred too for years, ‘Superhead’.

Karrine Steffans Continuing in her response answering his question. Apparently they are working on Naiim’s voice, but she is still calling him a ‘B*astard’ and a bunch of other offensive words.

Karrine Steffans said :

Like you don’t know my name you fuck. Just because you started this Superhead bullshit doesn’t mean you get the right to use the shit in perpetuity. Ya Bastard. Yes, that’s my son and he gets busy, for sure. Discovering his voice now. But in the mean time, fuck youuuuuuuuu!!!!”

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Check Out Karrine Steffans Son play on the guitar, and read the comments below !

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