UPDATE: April 20, 2015 11:45 a.m. EST

Following Bobby Brown’s concert announcement, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt confirms that the 22-year-old is off of life support. “[Bobbi] woke up and is no longer on life support!!!!!:):)God is good!!thanks for your prayers,,still a process,but she is going to be ok:):):):),” Tina Brown posted to her Facebook account. Great news!

ORIGINAL: April 19, 2015

Bobby Brown tells concertgoers that Bobbi Kristina “is awake” from her coma? Yup. Look like a crowd in Dallas got some pretty shocking news when surprise guest Bobby Brown got on stage at the Frankie Beverly concert, and relayed some long awaited news on Bobbi Kristina? See for your self inside.

According to Bobby Brown who shared with a shocked crowd in Dallas at the Frankie Beverly, Bobbi Kristina is now “awake”?? After three months of being in a coma, after being found unconscious in her bathtub, her father is breaking his silence and informing faithful fans that his baby girl and Whitney’s only daughter has possibly awaken from her long induced coma. Bobby announced to a packed house, “Bobbi is awake,” Brown, 46, said at a Frankie Beverly concert in Dallas on Saturday, where he was a special guest. “She’s watching me.” The crowd went wild.” The rest of the family has yet to confirm if this is true or not. Watch clip below.

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We’ll just have to stay tuned…..