The ILLMORE night 1: Fetty Wap

Paterson’s own Fetty Wap has emerged onto the music scene and completely took over with his chart-topping track, “Trap Queen.” However aside from being a huge rap star, the New Jersey native still makes time for his children like a real man is supposed to. The mother to his son, who goes by the name Reese, has been ranting and raving about Fetty’s exceptional fathering skills via her Instagram page. Reese, who is Nicaraguan and black, explains that they have an amazing relationship as friends and co-parents (super rare now-a-days.)

Jazlana: Twitter || Instagram

She posted a photo to her IG showing two screen shots of him FaceTiming both his son and her. She captioned the photo, “This goes to show you that you don’t have to be with someone to still have a great bond an family 11years now an still going #greatparents#coparents#friends#family(why they gotta be yellow tho? Where the mixed emoji?)”

From an inside source, “Trap Queen” was ORIGINALLY created for her when the two were still together from what I have heard. It’s very refreshing to see two young parents get along so well and raise their child as a family, despite not being in an actual romantic relationship with one another. MAD PROPS to Fetty and his baby moms for that. Love seeing my state flourish!


Check out some photos over in the gallery of Fetty, his son and his adorable baby mama Reese!