Before we end the weekend, Happy Birthday Magic Mike better known as Channing Tatum turns 35 today. The ladies got their strip tease when the release of Magic Mike 2 trailer was released. You can check out those articles on the site. We all fell in love with Channing when he debuted in the movie Step Up. That was his first main role but if you notice he was on the basketball team in Coach Carter. He instantly became a heartthrob and later showed us his comedic side in 21 Jump street.How is Magic Mike Spending his birthday this year?

Originally born in Alabama, the Mississippi raised star later moved to Florida. Starting out he was a model and landed small roles in commercials such as Mountain Dew. I’m sure he won’t be stripping this birthday. Mr. Tatum is now a father and a husband. The whole world is taking the time out to wish a very special Happy Birthday Magic Mike. Flooding social media with dancing pictures of the hottie. Stunning wife and co star from Step Up Jenna Dawan look very much in love.

Stay tuned this summer for a whole new Magic Mike 2. Set to come out July 1st in theaters. What else can we expect in the future from Channing tatum. Hopefully more moves like when he twerked for Jlo at the Mtv Movie awards. That’s right, we all got to get a glipse of those moves one more time when he and the rest of the guys came out to present an award at this years Mtv movie awards. The lucky gal to win was our Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez.

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