Approximately 620,000 California residents signed a petition to force a referendum on a 2013 state law that allows transgender students in public schools the right to use the restroom and shower facilities of their choice, based on their self-perceived gender. So, biological girls can use boys’ showers and restrooms, and vice versa. The group responsible for the petition, Privacy for All, birthed this movement. But somehow the state invalidated thousands of signatures, and now
the petition is tied up in court. So, the organization is suing to have it re-examined. Until their time in court, the group has started a new petition and totally against a transgender bathroom block.

All across the country, advocates for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community are crafting protection policies. Atherton High School in Louisville, KY., announced a policy allowing students to use sex-segregated school facilities like bathrooms, based on their gender identity. States like Florida are taking it to the next level. The bill called the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, is constructed to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from being fired, denied housing or rejected from a job due to gender identity or sexual orientation.


Privacy for All wants a statewide vote that would preserve single-sex restrooms in all facilities that are at least partially funded by taxpayers plus provide business protection from frivolous lawsuits. They want private business to maintain single sex restrooms, among other undisclosed information. More pertinent info ought to be release as time passes. If you’re in the golden state, you may see this on the November 2016 ballot once 366,000 signatures are collected.

Privacy For All is leading a private investigation regarding the invalidated 110,000 gathered signatures against a transgender bathroom block. And, it’s cited that the state is not releasing identities of those effected in California.