Last night, the highly anticipated fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao finally took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In the end, Mayweather once again left the ring without a blemish on his record. After getting his record to 48-0, Floyd made a special announcement. Click more to view the video.

With this win against Manny Pacquiao, Floyd has become the WBO Welterweight Champion and he has retained his WBA Super Welterweight title. All these titles and a career that does not have one imperfection, Mayweather decides that he will give up ALL of his title belts.

Currently, Mayweather holds the WBC, WBA, WBO Ring Magazine, WBC & WBA Super Welterweight betls and he will give all of them up. Definitely a classy gesture on the part of Money May and when he was asked why he decided to relinquish all of his career belts he simply replied, “other fighters need to get a chance. I’m not greedy. Its time to let other fighters fight for the belts.” A true businessman in the sense that he gets in, collects the money, and gets out. At this point in Mayweather’s career, a belt does not seem to hold much validity but more so the $100 million checks he collects.

The Announcement…

Floyd Mayweather has a scheduled fight on his contract for September of this year, but he does say that the fight will not be for a title. This alone tells me that the belts are not held with high regard in Money May’s world but he is now chasing true legacy to get the 49-0 mark–which would tie the legendary Rocky Marciano’s record.


Source: Fox Sports