Things are not looking good for Bill Cosby. The veteran actor and comedian has been berated once again during one of his shows. While he maintained his composure during the last show of his tour in Atlanta, protesters met him at the doors of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. The show took another turn for the worse all thanks to a couple of female hecklers hidden within the crowd. See what went down at the Cosby show after the jump!

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Bill Cosby made his last stop on his nationwide comedy tour in Atlanta last night (May 2). Before the show, at least 20 protesters set up camp outside of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre screaming chants like “We Believe The Women” and signs that read “Cancel Cosby.” Inside the venue, Cosby went on with his set as scheduled. The venue assumed there might be some kind of disturbance and warned the audience before the show began to not confront the hecklers. About 40 minutes into his act, hecklers couldn’t resist speaking their minds about his rape allegations.

“She didn’t beat out of you how you treat women!” exclaimed heckler Ashley Leonard of Wilmington, N.C.

Another man also went off on a rant about Cosby’s sweater that lasted for awhile before Mr. Huxtable had to intervene. “Stop – do you have another 40 minutes?” said Cosby. The crowd erupted with laughter and applauded. Both hecklers were remove from the premises.

As if there weren’t enough people trying to throw Cosby under the bus, two more women have come forward with rape allegations. Margie Shapiro and Sunni Welles both claim that Cosby sexually assaulted them over 30 years ago in a similar fashion as the other alleged victims. Shapiro and Welles make up the army of 48 women who have pointed at Cosby for rape over the past year. While he hasn’t addressed the individuals who have accused him, he has done well to maintain his innocence. Here’s what he had to say about last night’s show in Atlanta.

“Dear Fans: We won tonight! No interruptions, nothing but laughter and an amazing standing ovation before and after the show. I thank you, the event organizers, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and the Atlanta Community for your loyalty, trust and commitment to stand beside me. Hey, Hey, Hey — I’m Far From Finished.”

Check out video from the protests outside the show and photos in the gallery!