Fetty Wap gets dreads

Following his late night television debut on Fallon earlier this week, Fetty Wap hit the salon and got extensions in his hair for dreads. According to someone’s tweet he posted to his Instagram page, the hair cost $4,000, but says Fetty to the naysayers:

“When you want what you want and can afford it, it’s not about the cost it’s about what make you happy.”

He added:

Understand me [100 emoji] & I just went platinum so yea I’m Gucci [money emoji]

Got to respect that mindset – but are we feeling the ‘do? I don’t hate it, especially because he’s a good-looking guy regardless (one eye and all!,) but I don’t know if I’m progressive enough to totally accept men getting extensions yet. LOL! As far as “wasting money,” I’m pretty sure he’s making at LEAST double that back in a night, so if this is something he wanted – then why not?

Let us know your thoughts!

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Source: LifeIsTremendez