While at performing at a show in Arizona, Waka Flocka noticed that two of his fans were fighting. Instead of letting security break up the fight, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

The Waka Flocka For President campaign is in full effect and the first change he promised was the legalization of marijuana. While the jury is still out on that issue, he’s doing what he can now to stop the violence. Waka’s not all talk he’s all about action.

During a show in Arizona, as part of the Turn Up Godz tour, he spots two of his fans fighting in the audience. Waka immediately jumps in crowd and yells for the men to stop fighting. When they don’t appear to get the message, Waka physically pulls the men apart. What president you know would go that far to stop the violence?

What makes the video even better is when the men finally separate, Waka makes them hug, then uses that opportunity to amp the crowd and turn up like it never happened. Watch the video below.

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