Well, Draya is single again. We learned that from a statement she made on social media and it looks like the social media break up fad is in full swing. Brittish took to Instagram to announce her break up with her fiancee, Lorenzo Gordon, but she caught some backlash for the public display. Click more to see the posts!

In the age of posting your every move, Brittish Williams of Basketball Wives Of LA took to Instagram to announce that she was breaking up with her fiancee. Ontop of that, today is dude’s birthday; so, imagine the embarrassment he’s going through. To make matters worse for Brittish, she began getting attacked for her public display.

One of the more funny posts, a woman claimed she wants to be Draya so bad by announcing her breakup over social media. LOL! I can’t front, that was pretty funny. Surprisingly though, Brittish has been going back at a few people on social media. In one instance she clapped back saying, “Fuck you this is my Instagram and I can Do whatever the fuck I want to do,” making a valid point, I guess.

Sometimes less is more though, however, some people do forget that the folks on these reality tv shows get their claim to fame by sharing their personal lives–even the breakups via social media. It all comes with the territory.


Source: TheShadeRoomInc || Baller Alert