(Photos) BBWLA: Brittish Williams Breaks Up With Fiancee On IG And Catches Heat


Well, Draya is single again. We learned that from a statement she made on social media and it looks like the social media break up fad is in full swing. Brittish took to Instagram to announce her break up with her fiancee, Lorenzo Gordon, but she caught some backlash for the public display. Click more to see the posts!

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(Photos) Blac Chyna Calls For A Truce With Tyga!

Blac Chyna x Tyga

Whenever your relationships/break-ups go public, I guess it is a celebrities job to keep it there? Blac Chyna recently took to Twitter to forgive and call a truce with her ex, Tyga. Click more to read the tweets!

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Son Shot By Dad For Breaking Up Parents Fight


Son Shot By Dad For Breaking Up Parents Fight. During a fight with his wife, their 18-year old son interfered and broke it up, only to be shot at by his father three times who left and returned with a gun. Read more after the jump!

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(Video) Brave Autistic Kid Stands Up To His Bullies!


Jake, a kid, wanting to be known for more than his medical problems; has taken a stand in this clip, featured in the upcoming ‘BULLY’ documentary. Watch as Jake stands up to those in his GYM class, who begin to smirk when he starts to tell them how he really feels, below!

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Iamsu! Talks About How Snoop Dogg Made Him Cry !!!


Iamsu! is the Richmond, CA rapper who produced the club banger, “UP!” by Loverance. He’s been creating beats longer than he’s been rapping, however one of his emotional moments came when he was performing with one of his idols, SNOOP DOGG. Excited that while on stage performing, “Function” Snoop knew his whole verse made him shed a “thug’s tear,” Iamsu! says. While having a sit down with XXL Mag, Iamsu! also, talks about the New Bay Movement and other things west coast. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

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Crazy:100 Car Pile Up in Texas

In Houston TX there was a 100 car pile up about 80 miles from Houston. There were several people injured 2 dead, and over 50 people were sent to the hospital for care.Check out below to see the pile up


He said the conditions prevented deputies from immediately realizing the severity of the collision.
“It is catastrophic,” Carroll said. “I’ve got cars on top of cars.”
Seven tractor trailers were involved in the crash, two of which were carrying hazardous materials, local Fire Department Chief Charles Sonnier told KBMT. The substances, however, were not leaking.


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(Video) Tech Talk News: Get In Shape!! Is The Jawbone UP Band Better Than The Nike FuelBand???


After the original which had so many issues they had to pull it off the market, Jawbone is back to help you get in shape with the Jawbone UP. It’s a digital bracelet you where & it tracks your steps, how long you sleep & the food you eat. It only works with the iPhone at the moment. Read on for more & see how it compares to the Nike Fuelband.

Tat Wza

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(Photos) Israeli Man Sets Himself On Fire And Its Captured In Pictures!

ifwt-fire cover

An Israeli protester sets himself on fire during the anniversary of demonstrations against the high cost of living.  The man that lit himself on fire left a letter blaming the government for his financial struggles in life.  I don’t understand the how he was trying to get his point across during the protests, but he ended up in the hospital for serious burns over his entire body. Hit the jump to see the pics.

Steph Bassanini

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NEW MUSIC: Roscoe Dash – Up (Remix)

Roscoe Dash gives us a new spin on LoveRance’s single “Up.” Hit the jump for the download.


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Auto Talk: Volkswagen reveals production five-door Up!

Volkswagen has unveiled the new production model five-door Up! after patent drawings of the vehicle made their way to the web. The newest member to the Volkswagen small-car line is expected to land on dealer lots in Germany by early March, with availability opening up to the rest of Europe by summer. The vehicle will launch with the exact same engines and external dimensions as its three-door brethren. That means buyers will be able to opt for either a 60-horsepower, 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine or a 75 horsepower version of the same powerplant. Even so, Volkswagen anticipates roughly half of Up! buyers will opt for the new five-door bodystyle.

Funk Flex

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