Bad Santa…tsk tsk. A burglar tried to rob a home and as fate would have it, got stuck, and the homeowner lit up the fireplace. Dam, hit the jump for the full story.

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An unidentified burglar died late Friday night in an attempt to burglarize a house in the small town of Huron, California, but the plan backfired.

The man was discovered stuck in the chimney around 3 p.m on Saturday, when the homeowner came home to warm up. He lit the fireplace and suddenly heard a man screaming for his life, when he discovered someone was stuck up there.

When the homeowner heard the man screaming, he rushed to try to put the fire ablaze out, which led to the entire house filling up with smoke, having to call the fire department.

The Fresno California County Sheriff’s Office reported firefighters were sent to the scene and successfully dismantled the chimney, but in an untimely manner for the burglar – for when they pulled him out he had already burned to death.

The coroner’s office removed the deceased man from the scene and are set to perform on autopsy on the burglar to determine the exact cause of death and to hopefully clarify his identity.