Future’s tour rider was just leaked and it’s not EXACTLY what you would expect but it does explain how he can stay so hyper to make all the music he’s dropped in the past year. Hit the jump to see what Future’s tour demands are.

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We’ve seen some pretty interesting tour riders before in the likes of Jay-Z & Kanye West to Rae Sremmurd this year, now it’s only fitting one of the arguable hottest rappers in the game right now tour rider’s comes to the forefront.

Alright so not only does Future make a nice pile of cash raking in $150K for a 45-minute show, on top of that, whatever show promoter is having Future’s stage presence for the night must also supply him with 4 bottles of Ace of Spades, Ciroc, Moet, and other “various drinks”. Hmm wonder what those could be…

When it comes to food, Future’s like a kid in a candy store wanting everything from piles of junk food, cheddar popcorn, chicken fingers, broccoli, and “fresh white powdered” doughnuts. Sugar powdered of course.

Before all the madness on stage, the rapper likes a peaceful environment before taking on the crowd, with scented candles for his dressing room – preferably Lemon Grass scent. Guess he likes to set the mood.