Chrissy Teigen who is John Legend’s wife, not so shy after all ! The Billboard awards brought the best and worst sides out of just about everyone including adorable quiet little Chrissy. We all saw the video of Chrissy shading Iggy when she turned around and realized that was her coming up the red carpet. But that isn’t the only reason people were noticing her not so shy behavior. Believe me everyone looked at Iggy that way . Check out what else Chrissy said on the Red Carpet.

Right before everyone made their debut on the red carpet the world all tuned in via instagram to see if any outfits were revealed. Chrissy Teigen was in charge of hosting this years Billboard awards so I immediately checked her and John’s instagram when I saw the cutest picture of the hot couple in a party bus. Sporting a mobster wife style outfit she looked amazing as always. Now when she stepped off that party bus and on to the red carpet she was completely “turnt” as the kids like to call it these days.

Hubby John Legend hit the stage for a lovely duet with Megan Trainor and after it was all said and done Chrissy made a joke about being jealous and how sexual of a performance it was. Although I’m sure she was kidding , most of the things coming out of her mouth that night was inappropriate. Not so shy wife after all actually blurted out one of those most inappropriate things in red carpet history when she stated she had a spray tan and thats why her hands were orange, then added “John’s hands have it on them too because he was touching my breast ” Okay Chrissy , what did you drink on that party bus?

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