The world sobbed on social media as Malika says goodbye to Chinx Music. We read previously that Erica Mena had a lot to say about Malika in terms of his wife deserving some respect , but its no secret that Chinx & Malika were in fact an item. Continue reading to see the adorable post and more pictures confirming the two love birds. Also there were pictures on his page as well of the two. When they all hang out together ( Frenchie, chinx, diddy, khloe, cassie , the twins and Laura London ) they call themselves The WolfPack.

Laura London posted a photo for the twins birthday (Malika & Khadijah) and clearly you can see Chinx & Malika hugged up. People can be as petty as they want to be and throw shade but pictures don’t lie. So let the poor girl mourn in piece. Best friend of Khloe Kardashian and right hand man of French Montana have been seeing each other for over a year before the fatal shooting of Chinx Music this past weekend.

Under the picture of the two on a boat under the sunset , Malika says goodbye to Chinx and she wrote
” There may be more beautiful times but this was ours. Forever a light in my heart. Milk loves you ”
Like I said , people can talk but pictures do not lie so regardless what Erica Mena or any one else has to say, the two defiantly shared a bond and it isn’t okay to attack poor Malika in a time when the whole world is devastated by the loss of someone as meaningful to the culture as Chinx.

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