(Photos) Khloe Kardashian Is Reportedly Hiding Lip Injections From French & Lamar

Khloe's post

Earlier this week, Khloe Kardashian took to Instagram with a black and white photo (above,) letting fans know that she’d just gotten laser treatment on her face.

“I got the greatest laser treatment today on my entire face! Excuse me if my face is a little puffy,” Khloe wrote. “Only negative is that my spray tan completely came off so I look like my head is placed on a really tan persons body! Lol only black-and-white selfie’s for today. #WhiteGirlProblems”

Though the Kardashians are no stranger to surgeries (well, “allegedly,”) Khloe has always maintained that she’s enhancement free, but a new report is stating the contrary.

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BALLLLLIN’! The Kardashians Sign Huge $100 Million Deal With The E! Network


Sex tape or not, the Kardashians have, without a doubt, built an amazing empire worth a RIDICULOUS amount of money. To further more prove how powerful they are as a unit, the Kardashian clan recently inked a new contract stating that they’ll remain with the E! Network for another four years, at least. Being that they are the highest-rated and highest-paid reality TV show brand, the demand is high and the station is ready to cash out some serious bucks to keep them locked in. The contract states the Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars will be cashing in $100 MILLION dollars for staying with the network.

Unfortunately, Bruce Jenner is not apart of the new contract since he’ll be having his own show on E! documenting his gender transition into becoming a female (Bridget, perhaps?) However, he is set to finish out season 10 of KUWTK. The deal includes at least four more seasons along with a variety of spin-offs including Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and so on. We’re hoping for a KimYe reality TV special but that’s probably out of the question due to Kanye’s anti-social persona. Although Yeezy is not apart of the deal, he will be making appearances from time to time.

Will you be tuning in?

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(Photos) Khloe Kardashian Drove Kim , North And Kylie Into A Ditch In Montana

ifwt khloe-kardashian2

Khloe Kardashian Drove Kim, North And Kylie Into A Ditch In Montana
Khloe Kardashian was driving around in Bozeman, Montana and ended up driving her sisters and niece all into a ditch. Hop into the post for all the details ! #IFWT

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NBA: Back Together? Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Have Reportedly Been Hooking Up in Hotel Rooms!

Has Khloe Kardashian "gone wild"? Khloe was spotted at STL with "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis and LA Lakers star Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom hasn’t kept it secret that he’s still very much in love with Khloe Kardashian but does she feel the same way too?  Khloe moved on with rapper French Montana but the two have been very on again, off again.  Now there’s reports that she’s hooked up with her husband (they still aren’t divorced) in hotel rooms for the past couple of months.  Is a reconciliation on the way?

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The Shade: Wiz Khalifa’s Mom Comes For Amber Rose’s Neck On Social Media & Sides With The Kardashians


Just when we thought the Amber Rose vs. Kardashian clan drama couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it did. Wiz Khalifa’s mom, OG Peachie Wimbush, took to her social media sites to start venting about her former daughter-in-law. Wiz Khalifa recently started going in on his baby mama via his Twitter page after making allegations that Amb is a bad mom when his #ThugLife mama chimed in, adding her two cents on the situation.

Peachie then took to her Instagram account to post a picture of kermit sipping tea, explaining that she’s going to need to add some tequila into the beverage. She then threw shade at the situation between Khloe and Amber, saying she “should have never tried it with a band of sisters” which is OBVIOUS as to who she is referring to. Wiz’s mom then proceeded to sound off on Twitter and basically tell us how she REALLY feels in regards to Amber. Let’s just say, she does not think too fondly of Muva Rosebud anymore. YIKES. Check out the drama over in the gallery.

Amber Vs. Wiz/Mama Wiz/Kardashian clan– who you got?!

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OG Petty Johnson: Wiz Khalifa Follows Khloe Kardashian On Twitter


…And the saga continues. After Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian engaged in a very heated Twitter war which started off from Khloe mentioning Amb being a stripper at the age of 15. Muva Rosebud shot back about Kim Kardashian feeding her family off of her sex tape and it just got ugly from there on out. Amb insinuated that OJ Simpson was Khloe’s biological father and the Kardashian clan shot back with memes making fun of Amber’s promiscuous ways.

However, things turned very high school-ish after ex’s of both sides got involved in the most petty way possible. Amber Rose’s baby daddy/ex-husband Wiz Khalifa randomly started following Khloe Kardashian, which was an obvious low blow at his BM. Shortly after, Kim Kardashian’s ex-BF Reggie Bush began following Amber (all on Twitter). YEAAAPPPPP, sh*t just got real…… real childish. I wonder how this mess with all pan out. KANYE, WHERE YOU AT SON?!

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(Photos) Sports: The Shade! Amber Rose: OJ Simpson Is Khloe Kardashian Real Dad


If you don’t know by now, there has been a CRAZY ongoing throw down on Twitter between Khloe Kardashian & Amber Rose, which apparently started over comments Rose made about Khloe’s little sister, Kylie Jenner…well Amber Rose is not done as she took to social media & threw yet MORE shade!

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(Photos) NFL: LOL Reggie Bush Reacts & Follows Amber Rose After She Disses Kim Kardashian!


If you’re on Twitter right now then you’ve seen the mega throw down between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose.  Recently Amber Rose did an interview and she was asked about Kylie Jenner and Tyga.  Obviously Amber is now besties with Blacc Chyna and has her own sorted history with the Kardashians ala Kim K so of course her answer wasn’t an amiable one.  Khloe took offense and went in on Amber on Twitter.  Amber soon responded and the two turned Twitter upside down.  Now enter Reggie Bush.

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(Photos) Update: Amber Rose Comes For The Kardashian’s Throat!

Khloe Kardashian vs Amber Rose_LifeIsTremendez

Amber Rose continued her onslaught, posting about Kim, and the Whole Kardashian clan, she’s been waiting for this, thinking about some of this for a sec and keeping it on ice until needed! Besides involving Kanye in some of her posts, she also spoke on a Khloe paternity issue 0_o

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(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! Khloe Kardashian Gives Us Some MAJOR Cleavage!

ifwt khloe-kardashian2

Khloe Kardashian took to her Instagram page to show off her flawless new all-white outfit. She captioned the photo, “Tonight’s look: Mugler blouse and tuxedo pant, Gianvito Rossi pumps and a Chanel clutch.” Check out KoKo showing off some major cleavage in her sexy outfit over in the gallery!

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