Sounds like Kanye West might be teaming up Apple Music now to release his album instead of Tidal.

Seems like a lot of artist are moving more towards streaming their songs, videos and albums. With Tidal taking the wave right now, other music streaming engines are having to think fast to promote their business now.

Kanye West new album “Swish” happens to be in the middle of this fuss. Hits Daily Double, is claiming

“there’s some chatter that the release will be connected to Apple Music’s launch”.

“Swish” is said to be released the same time Apple Music is launched which would make West’s album the first exclusive for Apple.

The so called chatter or rumors that Kanye is moving towards Apple circled from Kanye deleting a series of Tidal tweets. Which he was promoting the streaming engine. After a while Kanye came back on Twitter and tweeted about Tidal’s “louder than words” approach to streaming music.

So it let’s us wonder what is Mr. West really up too? Teaming up with Apple for their first exclusive would be a great business move for Kanye. I mean if Beyonce can do it, why couldn’t Kanye? Stay tuned for the updates with Tatwza. Apple Music Launch has set June 6 to reveal at WWDC so that will be when we find out what is going to happen.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter