The Wu-Tang Clan is the epitome of timeless music. The crew has has effected clothing, film, obviously music and now, BEER. The Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia is currently working on a beer titled, “Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With.” The golden saison beer will be filled with spicy pineapple and orange-tart flavor, according to Philly Mag.

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“So, it’s official. We are aging a beer with Wu Tang,” tweeted out Dock Street’s head brewer, Vince Desrosiers.

How this will work is the Wu Tang Clan, for six months, will be streaming from Spotify next to the barrel of “Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With” beer, which will spark the hip-hop taste.

“I listen to music every day in the brewery and I’ve wanted to do a series of beers based on the music I like,” Desrosiers says. “It’s hardly an original thought but my musical taste is all over the place and Wu Tang seemed like a great place to start.”

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Who does Desrosiers plan on streaming for the next brew; Run the Jewels. Hmm, interesting concept.