Let us all first be thankful that the lovely Erykah Badu has a great sense of humor. Check out these pictures as Erykah Badu responds to pregnancy rumors. Even changed her twitter handle to FatBellyBella . So I take that as she is in fact not pregnant at all , maybe just put on a few pounds.

Photos went up from the ninth annual Roots picnic performance and headlines read ” Erykah Badu’s pregnant, and you won’t believe who they say her alleged Babys father is”. As soon as the song bird noticed the headline, Erykah Badu responds to pregnancy rumor by reposting the picture and tweeted “No Just Fat”.

I speak for all my ladies when I say it is never ok to assume or congradulate someone on a pregnancy until you are 110 , not even 150% sure that she is in fact expecting. No one wants the embarrassment or the guilt when a woman responds, I’m not pregnant I just gained a few pounds. Erykah is different and has one of the most calmest , coolest female vibe on the planet. Lucky for whoever started the rumor she’s not our for blood. Erykah Badu responds to pregnancy rumor in another tweet and stated…

” I Know I shouldn’t ate them red beans before I went on stage SMDH”

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