Rich Homie Quan

Okay, I went up to bat for this guy after the first rapeish kind of song leaked, but I can’t defend him after the same thing happened for a second time. C’mon, Rich Homie Quan!

Last month, an old song of Quan’s made its way to the web, causing controversy because of the following lyrics:

“Don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her/ She tried to resist so I took it from her/ How you gonna tell me no/ You must not know who I am/”

Quan later issued an apology, explaining that the song was unfinished and never intended to be released and that he would never condone rape, adding that his lawyer was working on its removal from the web. Unfortunately, less than a month later, he’s in the same exact situation.

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On the newly-leaked “Day 1,” Quan can be heard rapping:

“Chances ain’t shit if you don’t take one/Mansion full of bitches bout to rape one/I been eating money like a tapeworm/I been getting money since day one.”

He says this numerous times on the song as well. Listen to the track here. Good luck with this one, bro…

Source: XXL