Barry Sanders signed memorabilia is worth a small fortune, as he’s one of the best running backs to ever play the game. Well it appears Barry Sander signed item is on ebay, but its probably not something you would add to a collection being that its a signed urinal, LMAO. Check out the pics of the urinal after the jump.


Apparently when the Lions closed down their old stadium, the Silver Dome, they sold away everything from the stadium — even the urinals; for about 20$. Well the fan decided to take the urinal back to Sanders and ask him if he’d be willing to sign it. This is his decription on the story:

Barry Sanders held a public signing event with Detroit City Sports at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights MI. Already having Barry’s autograph on a jersey, football, and hat, I did the logical thing and decided to attach the urinal to a dolly and see if he would sign it. I was quite nervous wheeling in the urinal (which I had bleached and power washed multiple times) to ask my childhood idle to sign it.

After a long wait, I reached the table with Barry and I uncovered the urinal telling him it was from his old locker room. He responded “Are you for real?”. I said “Yes, will you sign it?”. Barry said “I refuse” and after a short pause he laughed and said “no problem, where should I sign”. While signing and taking pictures, a man with Barry (I assume his agent) laughed and said “Hey Barry, last time you saw that thing you were taking a p*** in it”. Barry was extremely nice about it and it was a great experience.

Apparently he’s looking to sell the urinal for about 610$, and make about a 600$ profit. Good Luck to whoever that guy is.

Check out the pic in the gallery: