Dame Dash is staying relevant these days whether we see him giving his take on what it takes to make it in America or if we’re watching his personal life unfold before our eyes. Dame recently did an interview where he discussed his stab at rapping and he said Jay-Z had no stage presence in the beginning. Click more to check out the clip!

Believe it or not, these are the stories that we all want to hear. The perfect careers of some artists can get a little boring at times; so, its always refreshing to hear about the not so good moments they may have had early on, in order to get an understanding how they’ve come full circle into greatness. Apparently, Hov had a rough start on stage in the beginning.

Dame Dash recently held an interview via webcam with Boyce Watkins and he admitted that he thought rap was corny. Its ironic that he was in the business of promoting one of the biggest rappers ever; nonetheless, he was cutting checks. After answering why he never decided to get into rapping, Dame claimed that Jay-Z was a terrible performer during the beginning of his career and doesn’t hint that he’s improved.

The Interview…

What is even somewhat funny, Dame claims that hit records currently carry Hov’s performances. He never says that Hov improved on his stage presence (I don’t know about that) but the fact that he has all these hit records is what gets him through shows. LOL! I dont know man, this guy just sounds a little more bitter in each interview where he discusses Jay-Z.

Its hard to believe that Dame describes Hov as an “introverted person who doesn’t talk much” because in each instance, Hov doesn’t seem to embody those characteristics. He was, however, just getting started so perhaps he was still finding himself on stage?

One thing is for sure though, with all these interviews that Dame has been doing within the last year, it is it probably a done deal as far as reunions go with these two working together again.