Governor’s Ball was packed with performances from some major hip-hop artists, but one performer had some extremely bad luck while on stage. Rae Sremmurd was in the middle of getting the crowd fully turnt up when Slim Jimmy unexpectedly fell off the stage. The fall itself was somewhat comical but his injury was no joke. Check out photos of the huge gash in Jimmy’s leg after the jump!

Sim Jimmy of Rae Sremmurd is currently in stable condition after falling off the stage during his performance at Governor’s Ball. He landed on a glass spotlight. As he limped off the stage, Jimmy said that there was a “big ass piece of glass” in his leg. After his fall, Jimmy was immediately rushed to the hospital where he received emergency surgery to close the gash on his right leg.

His brother and other half of Rae Sremmurd, Khalif ‘Swae Lee’ Brown, continued the performance solo. Jimmy kept in touch with his fans via Instagram by posting pictures of his injury and positive messages regarding his recovery. “I’m ok, shouts out to all good vibes I really appreciate them,” said Jimmy in a post-surgery photo.

After incident, Governor’s Ball made a statement about Jimmy’s accident. “After suffering an injury, Slim Jimmy was taken immediately to a nearby hospital where he’s in stable condition. The safety of our artists and visitors is our number one priority and our medical team was able to address this issue quickly and effectively.”

See his gruesome injury in the gallery. Watch his nasty fall below.


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