IFWT_Curry Thompson

Riley Curry seems to be becoming a household name and her daddy Steph can’t seem to do an interview without her being mentioned or making an appearance! Watch as Steph and Klay do a fathers day interview with their former NBA player Dad’s and Riley crashes the party.


Dell Curry and Mychal Thompson were former NBA players, and must be proud to see their sons thrive in the NBA and receive their first championship — especially because Dell never won a ring.

Klay’s dad, Mychal, actually won 2 titles while he played on the showtime Lakers when Magic Johnson was dominating the league.

Its fun to see the pair of dads talk about how their sons are better then they ever were — even seeing Klay in disarray that his father actually said that. But during the interview Riley decided to crash in and take over.

Riley just seems to be everywhere lately! And I’m sure America is loving it, ever since her star appearance after the Western Conference finals.

Check out the video: